Culture and Economy

Henriette Heise and Jakob Jakobsen, September 2001

The Surge to Merge Culture with the Economy
Anthony Davies, September 2001

London Cultural/
Economic Map

September 2001

Culture Clubs
Text by Anthony Davies and Simon Ford on 'the creative alliance'

From September 29th 2001 to January 31st 2002 the London-based organiser, researcher and writer Anthony Davies worked at the Copenhagen Free University. He presented his research regarding the increasingly complex links between the art world, the business community and the state in London as they have developed since the mid-90s.

The exhibition presented an audio/visual version of Anthony's talk 'The Surge to Merge Culture with the Economy' plus background material: press cuttings, diagrams and reports. Moreover, we collected material on the discussions regarding culture and money in Denmark.

A booklet with Anthony's text 'The Surge to Merge Culture with the Economy' was published: Copenhagen Free University #3. Order here

The presentation is still available and can be viewed on request.

From Anthony Davies' presentation 'The Surge to Merge Culture with the Economy'


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