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All material taken from company and organisation websites on September 27, 2001.

Bloomberg L.P., founded in 1981, is an information services, news, and media company serving customers in 126 countries around the world. Headquartered in New York, the company employs more than 7,600 people in 108 offices worldwide. Bloomberg has forged a unique position within the financial services industry by providing an unparalleled range of features in a single package, the Bloomberg Professional service. By addressing the demand for investment performance and efficiency through an exceptional combination of information, analytic, electronic trading and Straight Through Processing tools, Bloomberg has built a worldwide customer base of corporations, issuers, financial intermediaries, and institutional investors. Clients include the world’s central banks, investment institutions, commercial banks, government offices and agencies, corporations, and news organizations.

Cap Gemini/Ernst and Young
Founded over thirty years ago, we deliver positive change as an implementation-focused management consulting and Information Technology services group. Working as partners, we help people use IT to run their businesses better, which requires a formidable combination of ideas, people and technology. As a successful, transnational organisation, we can offer global solutions via a local presence. We understand the importance of partnership, both with our customers and our people. We embrace challenge; employ humour, where appropriate; advocate high professional standards and, above all, take pride in the honesty of our business relationships. We are selective in the markets that we serve, with a broad and exciting portfolio of services. With over 56,000 people globally and 8000 in the UK and Ireland, we deliver more than you expect because we never forget that our success depends on yours.

Channel 4
Channel 4 is like no other media organisation – commercially funded with a public service remit to foster creativity, diversity and innovation in its programmes and services at no cost to tax-payers or licence fee-payers. This combination of cultural and commercial objectives has created one of the world’s most distinctive and admired television channels; the UK’s leading independent film company and one of the most enduring and potent media brands. […] In recognition of the changing nature of its business, Channel 4 has established a new subsidiary – 4Ventures. While this incorporates all new channels and interactive services, it will also act as the corporate entity through which future new product development, joint ventures and alliances can be considered. The creation of 4Ventures will help protect and enhance the core channel at a time of rapid change in the market. The aim is to ensure that Channel 4’s creativity and brand values remain as vital and salient in the next ten years of convergence as they have been in the last ten years of broadcasting and that the core channel continues to be the foundation on which we build.

fig-1 (closed January 2001)
- an experimental, independent non-profit exhibition project, - a dynamic model for the presentation of creative activity in the city, - openings every Monday evening, - website updated weekly and live performance online.
fig-1 has emerged as a new model for the presentation of contemporary creativity in the global city that is London in the year 2000. We expect fig-1 to spread to other dynamic centres of activity and to divert into unexpected new ventures.
- in association with Bloomberg

First Tuesday
First Tuesday is the premier forum in the global information economy that helps entrepreneurs and established company professionals succeed – through innovation and the application of technology to their businesses. The First Tuesday network includes 100 cities in more than 40 countries around the world and brings together the leading players in the technology sector: entrepreneurs and managers of new ventures; venture capitalists and investors; service providers; and ‘intrapreneurs’ and technology managers in corporate entities. The First Tuesday network includes over 100,000 members worldwide.

Fourth Room
The Fourth Room is a team of senior creative strategists. Working collegiately, the firm’s partners develop innovative solutions to marketing problems. Our services: – New reseach techniques that connect or re-connect companies with their customers. – Defining and expressing a company’s vision and purpose. – Brand strategy and cultural alignment. – Strategic product innovation and service development. – And we create sensible corporate names. […]

We’ll help you to make organisational culture the breeding ground from which to grow healthy brands. […] We invite Friends of The Fourth Room to house breakfasts, dinners and our special ‘Evenings with’ inspirational and accomplished people. […] Our purpose is to help our clients grow: Grow their revenues, increase their profits and expand their horizons.

Goldsmiths College
Since Goldsmiths College became a full School of the University of London, the Department has been developing its standing as an international centre of excellence for the study of Visual Art. In addition to teaching programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, it is concerned with promoting the understanding of contemporary art through the personal endeavours of individual members of staff and through departmental initiatives.

Habitat provides innovative, design-led products to equip „flexible living spaces“ and enrich the „entertaining space“ at home and which meet the needs of customers who are more design-conscious and demanding than ever. Products, that are at once simple, functional, beautiful and affordable. Habitat stores aim to provide an environment in which customers can find new ideas, in which their interest is constantly renewed and in which they can enjoy themselves. Our stores are organised and run so as to provide the best possible service and long-term customer satisfaction.

The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)
The Institute of Contemporary Arts is a public playground for developing and presenting new and challenging work across the arts; for forging innovative ways of thinking about the wider culture; and for experimenting with the presentation of the arts. It is a place where you can: watch the most important films, encounter the innovative work of emerging artists, access new digitally driven events, experience live events and club nights, engage in debate and argument, browse in the bookshop, chill out in the bar and cafe […].
Partnership Opportunities: Over the last year the ICA has collaborated with, amongst others, Cap Gemini, Channel 4, The Foreign Policy Centre, Demos, Habitat, Time Out, Times Metro, Kirin, Diesel and Sun Microsystems.

Info Centre (1998-99)
Info Centre is an ongoing activity dedicated to the exploration of art, architecture, technology (including cooking, brewing, sewing...) and urban life. IC is a focus of activities and IC focus on development of knowledge on the border between aesthetics, politics and everyday life. IC has for a period of one year opened in East London. Here we have established a combined exhibition space and reading room. IC is developed by Henriette Heise and Jakob Jakobsen who live and work in the Centre. We are committed to an understanding of art practice that is not exclusively related to the making of art works but also includes the establishing of institutions for the experience and use of art and generally the making of institutions for human life.
Source: (defunct) ->

London First
London First was set up in the early ’90s as a vehicle to mobilise business leaders to improve and promote London. Funded entirely by 330 private sector organisations and most of the capital’s higher and further education institutions, London First aims to engage business leaders in decision-making about London’s future. Its core activities include campaigning for improved transport and a better environment, promoting London internationally and increasing the employability of Londoners. London First works in partnership with business, local government, voluntary organisations and other decision-makers to ensure London’s position as the leading world class city.

London First Centre
London First Centre is the inward investment agency for London and provides a free and confidential consultancy service to companies considering London as a business location. Our aim is to aid and advise organisations, whatever their size or sector, on all aspects of setting up a business or expanding in London. London First Centre employs a specialist team, from a wide range of disciplines, who have considerable knowledge of all the benefits which London has to offer. Our team offers potential investors an introduction to the capital and a complete relocation service from assistance with company registration to identifying the right location and property.Through our diverse and influential business networks, we are able to introduce international companies to potential partners, recent investors and advisers in both the public and private sectors.

The Millennium Bridge
London’s Millennium Bridge is a 330m pedestrian bridge linking the City of London at St Paul’s Cathedral with the new Tate Gallery at Bankside. At least 150,000 people used the Millennium Bridge on the 3 days of its opening weekend, demonstrating the remarkable extent to which this stunning project has captured the public imagination. On Saturday 10 June, when large groups of people were crossing the bridge, greater than expected movement was experienced. In order to fully investigate and resolve this phenomenon the decision was taken to close the bridge on 12 June.

Creativity is vital to any nation. But talent needs nurturing. NESTA is the UK’s first national endowment, set up with £200 million of lottery money.
We are here to invest in excellence – because creativity and innovation are vital, especially in the information society. But talent doesn’t always rise to the top. So NESTA will actively seek it out – in every community in the United Kingdom. And we’ll focus most energy on helping individuals achieve their potential.
be a force for change – we see creativity as a cultural force. A force crossing the old boundaries between science, technology and the arts. So we’ll work with individual artists, inventors and scientists – and people who combine all three.
take risks – any investment involves risk and we’re ready to make bold decisions. We’ll be supporting exploration. And who knows where that can lead?
generate returns – we’re also investing in the future. So we’re alert to the importance – and value – of exploiting new ideas. We’ll look to help people capitalise (and exploit) their idea’s social and commercial potential. And like any investor, we expect a return if we back a winner.

Tate Modern
Tate Modern is Britain’s new national museum of modern art.
Housed in the former Bankside Power Station, Tate Modern displays the Tate collection of international modern art from 1900 to the present day, [...]. There is also a full range of special exhibitions and a broad public programme of events throughout the year. Bankside Power Station has been transformed into Tate Modern by the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron. The former Turbine Hall, running the whole length of the vast building, now marks a breathtaking entrance to the gallery. From here visitors are swept up by escalator through two floors featuring a café, shop and auditorium to three levels of galleries. At the top of the building is a new two storey glass roof which not only provides natural light into the galleries on the top floors, but also houses a stunning cafe offering outstanding views across London.

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