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Free Class Television
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I and I / 12 to 12
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Godard on tv
- by Simon Sheikh

Guerilla Television:

Interview with Tom Weinberg
- by Carolyn Faber

Documents from the Media Burn Archive
- compiled by Carolyn Faber

Guerilla Television Lexicon
- compiled by Carolyn Faber and Jakob Jakobsen

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FreeUtvResearch is a practical investigation into and experimentation with television as a public sphere.

FreeUtvResearch is a node in the tv-tv-network that is situated at the People's House in Copenhagen. At the People's House tv-tv has got a television studio with live-transmission facilities. tv-tv are broadcasting six hours every week at 11 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on Kanal København and are covering the people of Greater Copenhagen (1.7 mill. people). Have a look at the homepage of tv-tv (in Danish)

With FreeUtvResearch we are doing two things:

As FreeUtv we produce programs to tv-tv. We work on several tv-series by means of which we investigate social and political problematics of our interest. We are active producing the following tv-series: Media Landscapes, Didactic tv, Resistance/Escape, The Living Archive, Nørrebro Open CIty, and Learning Series (In collaboration with tv-sol). Visit and read more about the FreeUtv programs and download a few >>> (ASAP)

As tvResearch we investigate and discuss television as a social and aesthetic technology. We do this by means of research into the historical development and application of the technology, especially looking for examples of critical and experimental use of the medium. Here at the Free University we arrange evenings with various guests where we watch and discuss television programs and films that in a practical way thematic different ways to use and relate to television, both as producer and audience.


tv-tv manifesto

tv-tv is everyone’s television. Today it has become easy to produce tv. Technical innovation has it made possible to produce television with your own equipment. We will use and misuse all possible tools to make tv. tv-tv is broadcast quality on our terms: everyone can make tv.

tv-tv is self-organized tv, neither the state's apparatus nor the market's tv. tv-tv is a network of independent producers who all are longing to make tv. tv-tv wants to break the traditional monopoly of the means of production and the right to broadcast.

tv-tv is publicness. We see tv as an active part of the public sphere in which society is mediated. tv-tv is an effort to produce another public sphere.

tv-tv is investigating tv. we want to experiment with tv, make time for an investigation of tv’s possibilities and break with the rhythms offered by most tv channels. We will refuse ratings based generalizations of what people want, and rather investigate tv as a setting for communication. We want to break the monotony that characterizes tv today.

tv-tv is tv of the everyday. With tv-tv we will create a public based on everyday experience in Copenhagen and around the world. tv-tv will be a station with a short distance between being on the street and being on the air. We shall attempt a direct and diverse mode of address, taking its point of view in the passions we encounter and the abilities we establish.

tv-tv is critical tv. We do not aim to reflect society, and we will try to abolish the ‘viewer’ as a passive consumer. We will not just produce tv: we will produce tv-tv.


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