Creating a new public sphere without the State
Interview with Paolo Virno By Héctor Pavón

Between Disobedience and Exodus
Interview with Paolo Virno by Flavia Costa

Twelve theses on Changing the World without taking power
John Holloway

The micro-physics of theoretical production and border crossings
Angela Mitropoulos

Sovereignty and Biology
Alexander Galloway and Eugene Thacke

The Right to Escape
Sandro Mezzadra

Movements against the enclosures
Angela Mitropoulos

The Wandering of Humanity
Jacques Camatte

The Art of Flight: An Interview
Yann Moulier-Boutang with Stany Grelet

Bodies imprisoned by law
F. Barchiesi

Refugee Subjectivity
Matthew Hyland

Ruptures Within Empire, The Power of Exodus
Toni Negri - an Interview by Giuseppe Cocco and Maurizio Lazzarato

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Virtuosity and Revolution, The Political Theory of Exodus
Paolo Virno

The Strategy of The Refusal
Mario Tronti

No to Bio-Political Tattooing
Giorgio Agamben

What is the Meaning of Autonomy Today?
Subjectivation, Social Composition, Refusal of Work


Né qui, né altrove - Migration, Detention, Desertion
A Dialogue between Sandro Mezzadra & Brett Neilson

Exterritories and Camps.
Juridical-Political Spaces in the "War on Terrorism"

An Architektur

The clash in the western mind
Antonio Negri

The State of Exception
Giorgio Agamben

Are we in a war? Do we have an enemy?
Slavoj Zizek


Situationists and architecture
Peter Wollen

Socialisme ou Barbarie: A French Revolutionary Group (1949-65)
Marcel van der Linden

The Revolution Of Everyday Life
Raoul Vaneigem

The Book Of Pleasures
Raoul Vaneigem

Notes on the Songs [Dead link]
Art & Language and The Red Crayola

Realisation of the situationist projections

Occasional Documents: Towards Situation
Howard Slater

A, B1, B2, C, D1, D2,
Situationisten, double 7" (audio streams)

The Language of Those in the Know
Alice Becker-Ho

Critique of the Situationist International
Jean Barrot

The Situationist International
Jean Barrot

Back to the Situationist International
Jean Barrot

Guy Debord is really dead
Luther Blissett

Henri Lefebvre on the Situationist International

Refusals and Passions
Raoul Vaneigem - an Interview by Francois Bott


Interview with Paolo Virno
Branden W. Joseph

Financing of Non-Governmental Organizations

The Organization of Happiness and the Exhausted Body
Bojana Kunst

Alma Venus: Prolegomena to the Common
Antonio Negri

The Native In Us, The Earth We Belong To
Mariarosa Dalla Costa

Adorno's "Strategy of Hibernation"
Tetsuo Kogawa

The Right To Be Lazy
Paul Lafargue

The Dialectic of Sex
Shulamith Firestone

Communism Is The Material Human Community: Amadeo Bordiga Today
Loren Goldner

Bifo / Berardi interview
snafu & Matthew Fuller

Sex, race and class
Selma James

Everybody's Life is Like a Spiral:
Narrating Post-Fordism in the Lifestyle Movement of the 1970s

Sam Binkley

The End of Work or the Renaissance of Slavery?
George Caffentzis

The Emergence, Centrality and End of Work
Michel Freyssenet

Reverse Engineering: Toward the New Urban Struggles ...
Brian Holmes

Prole Art Threat
Mark E. Smith

The left wing intellectuals
Walter Laqueur

Thunder from the right
Walter Laqueur

Justice versus Power
Transcript of a TV debate between Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault

Radical machines against the techno-empire. From utopia to network
Matteo Pasquinelli

Cultural Confinement
Robert Smithson

Before the Representation
Angela Melitopoulos

Struggle, Event, Media
Maurizio Lazzarato

The New Capitalism Is About Turning Culture Into Commerce
Jeremy Rifkin

Social entropy and recombination:
Franco Bifo Beradi

Capitalism: A Very Special Delirium
Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari

Workers and Capital
Mario Tronti

Social Capital
Mario Tronti

The Socialist Ideal: Art
William Morris

The Capitalist Use of Machinery: Marx Versus the Objectivists
Raniero Panzieri

European Cultural Tradition and the New Forms of Production and Circulation
of Knowledge

Maurizio Lazzarato

Immaterial Labour
Maurizio Lazzarato

Intellectuals and Power
A Conversation between Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze

Farewell to the Proletariat
Andre Gorz

The Tribe of Moles

Sergio Bologna

Labour and Language
Paolo Virno

Marx's Mole Is Dead!
Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri

The Freemasons of the Future



Under the beach, the barbed wire
Angela Mitropoulos

Biopolitics/Bioeconomics: a politics of multiplicity
Maurizio Lazzarato

The door to the garden
Maria Dalla Costa

Marxian Categories, The Crisis Of Capital And
The Constitution Of Social Subjectivity Today

Harry Cleaver

The Subversion of Politics:
European Autonomous Social Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life

George Katsiaficas

The tyranny of structurelessness
Jo Freeman

Tyranny of tyranny
Cathy Levine

The Temporary Autonomous Zone
Hakim Bey

Instincts and Institutions
Gilles Deleuze

Postscript on the Societies of Control
Gilles Deleuze


Polemos, Universitas
Brett Neilson & Angela Mitropoulos

Throbbing Gristle

Proposal for establishment of Free University
Free Speech Movement Rally, Berkeley Jan 1965 - Mario Savio and other speakers

Twenty Years Later: Similar Problems, Different Solutions
An interview with Paulo Freire

A Revolutionary Proposal: Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds
Alexander Trocchi

Nervous System

Giorgio Agamben

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Walter Benjamin

"i want to share you - what are you doing to me?"
Bojana Kunst

Stockhausen Serves Imperialism and Other Articles (1,9 MB PDF)
Cornelius Cardew

A Method For Sorting Cows
Robert Morris

Crisis of Ideology and the Disenchanted Eye: Pasolini and Bataille
Janice Tong

Entropy Made Visible
Robert Smithson interviewed by Alison Sky

In Images We Trust
Jean-Luc Godard

Alexander Kluge

Popular music


Security and Terror
Giorgio Agamben

Giorgio Agamben

One Toss of the Dice never will abolish Chance
Stéphane Mallarmé

Julia's wild
Louis Zukofsky

The Return of the Future and Questions about Knowledge
Anibal Quijano


Desire and Pleasure
Gilles Deleuze

Solar anus
G Bataille

Robert Smithson

Empire and the Multitude
Antonio Negri and Danilo Zolo - a Dialogue on the New Order of Globalisation

E as in Empire
Tony Negri interviewed by Anne DuFourmantelle

Approximations: Towards an Ontological Definition of the Multitude
Antonio Negri

Multitude / Working Class
Paolo Virno

Multitude or Working Class?
Antonio Negri, Alex Callinicos

Radical Thought
Jean Baudrillard

Spinoza's Anti-Modernity
Antonio Negri

From the Dangerous Classes to the Danger of the Multitude
Toni Negri

What Is Enlightenment?
Michel Foucault

From Negative dialectics

The Multitude and the Metropolis
Toni Negri

The Discourse of History
Roland Barthes

Thesis about the Calida Story:
Fashion, Capitalism, Femininity

Marion von Osten

Dossier: Scattered Speculations on Value
Toni Negri

On Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus
Antonio Negri



Push And Pull: A Furniture Comedy For Hans Hofmann
Allan Kaprow

Of Other Spaces (1967), Heterotopias
Michel Foucault

Entropy And The New Monuments
Robert Smithson

Beyond Blade Runner
Urban Control: The Ecology of Fear

Mike Davis

Reappropriations of Public Space
Toni Negri

Public sphere, labour, multitude: strategies of resistance in Empire

Toni Negri, Paolo Virno

Remaking Social Practices
Felix Guattari

Flames of New York
Mike Davis

Dark raptures
Mike Davis

Questions about The New Imperialism
An Interview with David Harvey by Nader Vossoughian










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